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Your own personal safety beacon of light. Our CENTRAL light series signals traffic in all directions to watch out, and keep their distance. Take the lane and feel safe knowing you’re seen.

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  • Universal Light Mount

    Universal Light Mount
    The silicone mount fits diameters from 22-35mm along with a clip for clothing, bags or racks.
• 2 super bright LEDs push out a 20 lumen safety beam
• large lens power button is easy to turn on/off while pedaling or wearing gloves
• translucent bezel amplifies side visibility
• flexible silicone mount fits all seatpost diameters and shapes
• the light’s thin profile easily stows small in your pocket
• Versatile wire clip attachment also mounts directly to shoulder straps, handlebar bags, panniers, etc.
• Built to the ANSI FL-1 standard, which provides consistent light performance guidelines and measurements
• Micro USB charging connection
• Extruded Alloy Shell
•3 modes:
High: 20 lms
Steady Flash: 20 lms
Blackburn Strobe: 20 lms
High: 25 hrs
Steady flash: 42 hrs
Blackburn strobe: 76 hrs
•LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
• Silicone mount, 1 size fits all
• Part # 7053781
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