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Customer Service




Welcome to the Customer Service Center. You can navigate the links below to find information on our current shopping policies including returns/exchanges, warranties, shipping and more. You can also find answers to the most commonly asked questions about shopping on our site. Our goal is to make shopping at easy and convenient.



Before contacting our Customer Service Department, please browse the links below to see if we can answer your questions here first. For all other inquiries, our Customer Service Department is available to help you.

For site or ordering issues, please call: 1-877-358-2239
Hours of operation Mon – Fri: (8am – 5pm CST)

For Warranty related questions, please call: 1-800-456-2355 (USA)
Hours of operation Mon – Fri: (9am – 6pm EST / 6am – 3pm PST)

For Warranty Outside the USA, please email us:

Note: Blackburn does not currently accept product orders via phone. If you are having difficulties ordering, one of our representatives can assist you with placing an order through our web site.

Product FAQS

Why does my Flea light automatically shut off after a few seconds?

What type of charger can I use with my FLEA, FLEA USB, or FLEA 2.0?

How long will I need to charge my FLEA?

After charging, my FLEA USB continues to blink intermittently, even after being removed from the power source? How can I stop this?

My FLEA sometimes turns off after long periods of use. Is this normal?

I don’t use my FLEA during the spring and summer. How should I store it?

What is the maximum diameter seatpost/bar a Mars or Voyager Click can affix to?

My AnyValve head has one port. Does it work with Presta valves? Do I have to switch the internals around?

Why are there three lever positions on the AnyValve head?

I have an older Blackburn floor pump, and would like to use the new AnyValve head. Is this possible?

How can I switch my Airtower HP head from tire-pressure bleed to hose-pressure release?

Can the AirStik SL, AirStik 2Stage, or AirTower-HP be used for Schraeder (standard auto) valves?

My Blackburn trainer came with a replacement quick release. Why is this necessary?

Can I use a Blackburn Trainer if my bike does not have a quick-release axle?

How can I know which Blackburn rack or Copilot baby seat will fit my bicycle?