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Same great design as our other computers, but more functions, notably the addition of altimeter and temperature readings.

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  • Ultra-thin profile

    Ultra-thin profile


• Digital wireless speed sensor with extended range

• Giant 13mm tall display

• Comprehensive ride data:
- Altimeter with barometric accuracy to .10 meters
- Total ascent/descent, slope, altitude gain
- Temperature, Fahrenheit or Celsius
- Dual trip arrival time projects your finishing time
- Current, average and max speed with pace arrow, mph or km/h
- Trip distance/odometer
- Ride timer, 12/24hr clock, auto scan

• Incredibly thin and lightweight:
- 56mm L x 40mm W x 15.2mm H
- 70g

• Mounts to handlebar or stem

• Available in 2 colors: black or white
• Part # 2030102(red)
• Part # 2027535(black)
• Part # 2030101(white)
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Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Very impressed. I bought a Cateye Velo 9 +, which was fine for the first 200 miles and then kept repeatedly throwing errors and losing all its data. I'm now returning that and have spent ages looking for a good replacement. The Atom 5.0 has even more features and was only fractionally more in price, and most importantly comes with a lifetime warranty. Fitting it was easy, and I like the quality feel of the rubber backing that holds it in place (unlike the cheap double-sided sticker that came Cateye).

    The Altimeter reading does vary, but that's to be expected as it's based on air pressure, which isn't constant. For a ride, I reset the altimeter then it gives an accurate figure for the slope and gain.

    The computer has a wealth of useful information and I find it easy to read. It would be nice to have an option to change the permanent display of the altitude with something else, and it would also be nice to have data on calories burned. However, neither of these are critical.

    Overall, I'm very impressed, and particularly like the ETA mode and dual-bike option. It feels solid and I'm confident it will last a long time. I recommend it.

    Review by Stuart (Posted on 9/5/2012)

  2. Price

    Great cost, features not quite right. I'm still trying it out, but I have had the Atom SL 5.0 Cyclometer for 2 weeks. In that time I have found most of the core features to be fine, temperature is accurate, speed seems fine.
    The magnet which comes with the cyclometer is far too weak to be properly picked up. I immediately replaced it with a stronger magnet from an old cateye cyclometer. Even with the stronger magnet I find the sensor has trouble picking up signal, I need to keep a distance of less than 0.5 cm.
    The altitude seems far off, unless I'm missing a decimal somewhere, I live on the either floor of an apartment building, but keep my bike outside, apparently the height difference from the first floor to the either is 900 metres.
    Finally, after a whole 2 weeks, the cyclometer is telling me that the battery is almost dead.
    I can understand the Flea 2.0 light having a short light as it is rechargeable, but this is not right.
    Finally, I find a few items annoying about the design, although I was interested in this cyclometer because of the altimeter, I don't always want it to be on the main display, I would prefer to be able to change the always-on display.
    I also find it hard to read the numbers when on the go, the font type is too thin.
    In all, I'll give the light another week, but I'm close to returning it and expanding my budget to something else. Review by Dave (Posted on 3/5/2012)

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