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The ultimate wireless data-gathering machine, including wireless cadence.

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  • Atom SL 6.0: Larger, easy to read display

    Atom SL 6.0: Larger, easy to read display
  • Ultra-thin profile

    Ultra-thin profile


  • Rear wheel speed sensor works with trainers
  • Wireless cadence
    • Rear wheel speed sensor works with trainers
    • Wireless cadence
  • Giant 31mm tall display
  • Comprehensive ride data:
    • Altimeter with barometric accuracy to .10 meters
      • Total ascent/descent, slope, altitude gain
    • Temperature, Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Dual trip arrival time projects your finishing time
    • Current, average and max speed with pace arrow, mph or km/h
    • Trip distance/odometer
    • Ride timer, 12/24hr clock, auto scan
  • Incredibly thin and lightweight:
    • 56mm L x 40mm W x 15.2mm H
    • 70g
  • Mounts to handlebar or stem
  • Available in 2 colors: black or white
  • Part #2029474 black
  • Part # 2029741(white)
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Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Atom SL 6.0 Lots of features at a very reasonable price! While it took a while to get it set up and working on the bike (alignment seems to be very critical (and this is not detailed in the instructions or anywhere else) I am realy pleased with it. Rode the company team ride today and compared the grade (maximum 9% today, whew!)to the Garmin of a team mate and they were always in agreement. I'm still working through the control and resetting operations, but am sure that will be fine. I'm pleased with the quality and functionality. It does a great job for me.

    BTW: I've seen comments about the accuracy of the altimeter, but you need to keep in mind that that this is a barometric altimeter and varies with atmospheric conditions such as temperature and barometric pressure. It is actually more accurate than the GPS versions for the small changes that cyclists are looking at. Review by Steev Birch (Posted on 7/14/2013)

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