Blackburn Film Debut: “Roll With It”

Roll With It

With over 40 years of experience building products that enable cyclists to go further, Blackburn is proud to introduce this short film in partnership with New Belgium Brewing and Niner Bikes.

The film "Roll With It" embodies the culture of adventure while stripping away any fears of camping by bike. This quirky, yet artful film brings strangers with different backgrounds together to show how joyful and enriching adventuring by bike can be.

"Camping by bike is an adventure everyone can experience without over complicating it" says Robin Sansom, Blackburn’s brand manager. "This film, at the core, is about the unexpected rituals strangers have when they embark on a bike and camp adventure together. We look forward to bringing this to communities all over the world in hopes of inspiring more people to get outside."

Great Lakes Premiere

East Coast Premiere

World Premiere

  • Where: XIX Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  • When: Friday, June 17, 2016 | 7 p.m.

Additional screenings are being planned worldwide. If you don’t see a screening at a theater, bike shop or brewery near you, ask your local bike shop or perhaps host your own screening!

The film will also be available for purchase, which will include a beautiful book that explains, in more granular detail, how anyone can use their bike as a portal to a world of adventure. The book and film will be available this July from Blackburn.