Meet the 2016 Rangers

The field of applicants for the Ranger program this year has been amazing, making our job of selecting new Rangers exceedingly difficult.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of people wanting to be a part of the program and are also flattered and humbled by the amount of time, energy and passion that has been put into the applications and videos.

Thank you to everyone that applied and we sincerely hope that regardless of whether you were selected that you have an amazing year of discovery on your bicycle!

We would like to also welcome, and introduce, the new Rangers for 2016:

Brian Ohlen

Cody, Wyoming, USA

Brian has an unusual combination of passions as he is both an avid cyclist and fisherman. He intends to combine these passions and bike-fish his way from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast, in search of the elusive Steelhead Trout. When we asked what he hoped to get out of the trip, he said “This trip will provide the type of physical and mental challenge that I crave. One that leads towards the discovery of amazing places, people, and coastal streams.”

Watch Brian’s application video.

Katie Hawkins & Laura Brigham

East Palo Alto, California, USA

We are delighted to welcome Katie and Laura to the Ranger family. These two kindred spirits met as neighbors in East Palo Alto, CA and decided to apply together to tackle the Great Divide this summer. One thing they promised on their application was “HIGH ENERGY” and we know that they will deliver!

Watch Katie & Laura’s application video.

Ivan Kilroe

Lancaster, Great Britain

Ivan has a great approach to cycling that is based on sharing beauty and joy with friends that we can appreciate. We also felt compelled that his case of “outdoorism” is nearly terminal and wanted to help him out! When asked what his goal was for the route, he replied: “ … to have as much fun as possible, see and explore as much as I can, wake up to great views, hopefully make some friends along the way. Pretty much absorb as much of the American experience as possible. …”

Watch Ivan’s application video.

Courtney Lewis

Brooklyn, New York, USA

“I’ve followed the Blackburn Ranger program for the last few years, and the variety of their backgrounds and approaches were immediate inspiration for me to tackle the same path in my own way. “ Courtney’s ‘own way’ includes stepping off the bike and hiking nearby summits along the route, and maybe even bringing her dog along. Courtney works as a mechanic for New York’s famous Bicycle Habitat and is part of their women’s cycling program.

Watch Courtney’s application video.

Christian Ayoob

Watkinsville, Georgia, USA

Christian’s goal is to advocate for self propelled travel and as such has ridden the Great Divide and other routes with a positivity and enthusiasm that we love. He hails from the robust , but often overlooked, cycling community around Athens, Georgia and is one of the first Southerners that has been selected as a Ranger.

Watch Christian’s application video.