Roll With It, Anytime

Back in 2016, we collaborated with director Dominic Gill to put together a short film, “Roll With It.” The film was intended to be a fresh take on making the most of your time, money and bike set up to get out on a tour with your pals. For the last three years, “Roll With It” was only available to watch if you paid for a download. Now, we’re happy to announce anyone can now watch the film, for free! Just follow the link embedded above.

In addtion to the film, “Roll With It” was also a richly illustrated paperback book filled with tips (like what to pack, how to make a beer can stove and what to expect on a tour), tribulations from the road and tons of originally Chris McNally artwork that brought the story to life off of the written page. We’ve also now made available the book for those interested in downloading by clicking the .pdf below.

The intention of the whole project was to motivate/inspire folks that are touring curious to take the plunge and get out there. Check out the book and the film and let us know what you think! Or better yet, send us your stories from your trip.


Blackburn Roll With It (Book).pdf