Summit to Siesta

Blackburn 2016 Ranger Camp

Today’s ride was incredible.

Leaving our wooded camp and then riding through thick groves of ancient and staggeringly tall redwoods seemed to mitigate any pain from the sometimes steep climbs. It was like riding through a stunning tunnel of nature and the light at the other end was the wind swept and dramatic Pacific Ocean.

Taking a break to eat at a local organic farm, not only fed our muscles, but also satiated our palette … so freakin’ delicious. We marched on, riding along the cliffs of the Pacific and eventually rolling into Santa Cruz.

Our friends at Verve Coffee hosted us with a night of music, a slide show from John and a screening of Comes With Baggage. It was with mixed emotions that we wrapped up the ride, glad to have made new friends, exhausted from the journey, but sad that the trip was over.

This has been just a taste of the adventures from the Blackburn Rangers this year. Stay tuned to our website and social media starting this summer and follow along AND plan your own trip!