What is Ranger Camp?

Blackburn 2016 Ranger Camp

Ranger Camp is where our newly christened ambassadors are introduced to the brand, our culture and our products during three days of riding, campfires and shenanigans.

It’s just like a pro cycling team’s training camp, but fun. The camp will start out at the San Jose airport, as a group of strangers gearing up to ride from parking lot 6. We’ll then disappear into the nearby mountains and under the mist hope to locate the secret Ranger training facility.

We will emerge from the mountains days later, and descend into the golden city of Santa Cruz, which is home to Blackburn. Riders will have been galvanized by steep climbs, shared vistas and the earnest slumber that only comes from pedal weariness and the sound of the deep forest. These people will no longer be strangers, but instead friends and comrades. Family.

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