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An entry level wireless computer with all the basic functions a sleek design.

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  • Ultra-thin profile

    Ultra-thin profile
  • Atom SL 3.0: Larger, easy to read display

    Atom SL 3.0: Larger, easy to read display


• Digital extended range wireless transmitter
• Super thin and lightweight
• Current, average and max speed w/pace arrow
• Trip distance/odometer
• Ride timer, 12/24 hr clock, auto scan
• Bar or Stem Mounting
• Available in 3 colors
• Part # 2030457(silver)
• Part # 2027533(black)
• Part # 2030456(white)
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Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Very Simple Computer Seems like a good quality product. Buttons are responsive unlock my previous computer that i owned with Bell company. My old computer did have a temperature display which this one does not but i can live without. One thing that surprised me was that this computer does not have a light-up display which it definitely needs for night time riding. My previous computer did have a little more features with a lower price range. But this is made of better quality so im happy with this purchase. This is a simple computer and not much else to it. If your looking for something plain and simple, this is definitely it... Review by Ralph R (Posted on 9/23/2012)

  2. Price

    Mediocre For the price, its as good as it gets. It's below cat eye, sigma, and even planet bike.

    The only real annoyance is that the sensor and the wheel magnet have to be less than 1/8" apart or else the sensor won't even read that the wheel is spinning. Review by Ralph White (Posted on 3/5/2012)

  3. Price

    Good computer I have had this cyclometer for about 200 miles and I love the way it works. So easy to use and set. However the big weak point is that Atom decided to make the magnet that mounts to the spokes a terrible design. It will spin on your spoke and will not read. The only way i could fix this was to buy another magnet that mounts better. Review by Hill climber (Posted on 1/31/2012)

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