Core CO2'Fer Mini-Pump

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Combine the best elements of all of our mini-pumps and what do you get? The Core CO2’Fer Pump.


Air Supplied

The Core CO2Fer is an excellent stand-alone mini-pump that adds the versatility of an integrated CO2 inflator and the peace of mind of a Presta valve tool, ensuring nothing goes wrong when all you need is an inflated tire. A remote inflation hose takes unwanted stress off the tire valve.

SKU: 350180000200000045_pewter


  • CO2 Cartridge Includes 16g CO2 cartridge
  • Installation Includes rubber strap to secure CO2 to pump
  • Contents Compatible with most threaded cartridges
  • PSI Rated to 120 PSI/8.3 BAR Max
  • Weight 159 grams