Core Mini-Pump

SKU: 7085520

A retractable, thread-on hose coupled with a unique valve tightening tool and a wider diameter body to efficiently pump up your MTB tires.


Small and Wickedly Powerful

The pull-out hose puts less stress on the valve. Our presta-only thread-on head sits on a short pull out hose to give more options on which position you pump from. Nervous about unthreading that valve when removing the pump? Enter one of the Core's awesome features: the Presta Valve Tool. Simply unthread the tool from the back of the pump and tighten your valve prior to threading the hose on. With a larger diameter barrel, this is a perfect pump to inflate your larger volume MTB tires without fuss.

SKU: 7085520


  • Installation includes frame mount
  • PSI 120 PSI, 8.2 Bar maximum
  • Weight 127 grams