Honest Digital Shock Pump

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You’ve paid for full suspension, now it’s time to use all of it. When the trail gets steep and rough, can you tell the difference between 150psi and 170psi by pressing down on your saddle? No, you can’t; and neither can we. The Honest Digital Shock Gauge can.


Sag > Sad

With pro shop-level precision and a zero leak valve, the digital readout will ensure you put exactly the pressure you need in your shock. The days of giving it a bounce in the lot are over!

SKU: 350180000200000044_silver


  • Construction Auto on/off
  • Precision Accurate within 1% of pressure
  • PSI Rated to 350 PSI/24 BAR Max
  • Batteries Replaceable battery
  • Compatibility Compatible with all thread-on air shocks
  • Weight 215 grams