Mammoth CO2'Fer Mini-Pump

SKU: 7068190

A fully functional mini pump and CO2 inflator.


Mini-Pump and CO2 in One

This cleverly designed and fully functional mini pump functions as a standard mini pump AND allows a CO2 cartridge to stow away inside and can be quickly rearranged as a CO2 inflator. The head convieniently morphs into a thread-on CO2 inflator. THIS PROUDCT IS COVERED BY BLACKBURN'S LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

SKU: 7068190


  • Contents Blackbun 16g threaded CO2 cartridge included
  • PSI Designed specifically for mountain bikes with 50 psi maximum.
  • Compatibility Compatible with Presta, Shrader and Dunlop valves.
  • Weight 191 grams