Piston 4 Floor Pump

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With high-end alloy components, a large, top-mounted gauge for easy reading, an air bleed button for conveniently dialing in pressure and a bomb proof base and barrel, this floor pump will be a welcomed addition to your garage or living room for many years to come.


Large Top-Mounted Gauge

This sleek and sturdy pump features a large 3" diameter gauge mounted at the top, making it easy to read. The Piston 4 employs highly sensitive and accurate gauge technology to help you optimize your ride. The steel base and barrel give it a solid, dependable foundation, and the Anyvalve pump head works on any bicycle valve with just the flick of a lever.

SKU: 350180000100000012


  • Construction Top-mounted hose for easy reach
  • PSI 220 PSI, 15 Bar maximum
  • Hose Super-long 41.5" hose to reach valves in stands or on car racks
  • Gauge PSI and Bar increments on gauge, with vibrant color matched background.