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• Quick, tool-free mounting/removal
• Heavy duty construction
• Water repellent
• Shoulder strap included
• Reflective flasher attachment points
• Reflective piping
• 250 Denier fabric
• 34 liter capacity


Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Perfect for commuting I bought a set of these bags, and they fit perfectly on the rear luggage rack of my electric bike. The saddlebag style is nice, because the top part covers the battery of my bike, for extra security and protection from the elements. The bag fabric is tough, durable, and each side can hold a huge amount of cargo. Close them up, and you can strap more stuff on top. These bags also lay rather flat when empty, so they don't take up much room when not in use. Review by Donally H. (Posted on 11/24/2012)

  2. Quality

    disappointed having never bought pannier bags before, i wasnt sure what to expect.

    However the issues i have with them are thus:

    If im going up hill, and am up out of the saddlem the bags wiggle around too much. To the point that they foul the wheel abnd get caught in the wheel spokes.

    They hang too low, so i when i pedal my heel drags the inside corner of the bags - pushing them off the pannier rack

    They dont sit fully on the pannier rack and the clips used to attach them, dont hold them in place.

    They arent 'quick release' - as if you donot attach them to the rack fully, they slip off....and get dragged along either the floor or the back tyre - not helpful when going up hill.

    having to get rid and buy a new set. and i only bought these a month ago.

    they just arent fit for purpose. Review by Michael (Posted on 9/27/2012)

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