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  • LED Fuel Gauge

    LED Fuel Gauge
    The innovative LED battery fuel gauge/charging indicator is cleverly integrated into the power button of both the Flea and Super Flea lights. Now you no longer have to guess how much battery life is left, just follow the simple color code. Green = 100% - 75%; Orange = 75% - 25%; Red = 25% - 0%
  • Patented Magnetic Power Adjustment

    Patented Magnetic Power Adjustment
    Found on the Flea and Scorch lights, electrical current is passed through the magnets, allowing for a compact and watertight connection. In the case of the Flea lights, it allows for mounting in both horizontal and vertical USB ports.


• Ultra compact rechargeable Li-Ion tail light
• 4 Super-bright Red LEDs
• USB smart charger
• Flexible and compact mounting system
• Steady, Flash and Chase modes
• 6 hr steady, 12hr flashing runtimes
• LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
• For all electronics, please ensure only the charger provided with the original product is used for recharging its battery
• Part #2022266
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Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Battery stopped charging, but awesome customer service Called the company because my light was not holding the charge. I had a older model that you would have to connect to a AAA battery. they not only are sending me a new model but there sending it totally free without sending my old one back. I will Definitely buy more products with Blackburn with this great customer service, and these days that's very hard to come by. Review by Marty (Posted on 1/3/2013)

  2. Quality

    Flea tailight Same issue as many who have reviewed: headlight is terrific, tail light will no longer take a charge. Is there a solution? It was a gift and from what I read, has a lifetime warranty. Can I take it back to any dealer that sells this product to have it replaced?

    Price: reasonable
    Quality: when working, fantastic
    Value: TBD, but optimistic Review by Mark (Posted on 7/21/2012)

  3. Price

    Worth having I use it 4-5 rides per week, for 100 to 150 miles. It is inexpensive, reliable and bright. Sometimes the magnets don't line up just right so the charge does not start. But if you wiggle it to get the center light to blink it will charge fine. I've had it a year and this week I rode 3.5 hours Mon, 3 hrs Tues, 1 hour Thurs, and am now charging it back up for the weekend. Sweet product. Review by GreenCentury (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  4. Price

    FLEA 2.0 I have used Blackburn lights, for many years. I have two Mars 3.0 that have been in service for 5 yars now, with no problems. I brought two Fleas 2.0 rear USB's to use on a new bike, they worked without a problem, till this winter, One is still going strong, the other, will not charge. Even tryed using the USB charger, from the other one., will won't charge. I just need the light, the both the USB charger will
    charge, the good light. Can I just buy the light?
    Review by bikehead (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  5. Price

    Great light, great visibility! My Flea 2.0 Rear USB has performed flawlessly over the last 8 months. I ride with it on 3-5 times a week, and I very rarely have to charge it. About every 2 weeks, I stick it on the charger for an hour or 2, and it is good to go for another 2 weeks. No problems, it fastens securely to my under-seat bag, and I feel a lot safer riding with it. I use the strobe, and it is very visible even in daylight. My LBS recommended this Flea light, and I have been very happy with it, and recommend it highly. Review by Ducrider900 (Posted on 11/5/2011)

  6. Price

    Not sure why people are complaining I am surprised there are any complaints about this light. I have used it on 5 mile rides and 70 mile rides in a variety of weather conditions, and it has never failed me. I have actually had cyclists following me and complement me on how small and bright this light is. With that said, I am a very happy customer. Review by Devey (Posted on 11/2/2011)

  7. Price

    same as the above Simply does not last, rear flashes green and refuses to charge when pluged in even though its out of battery.

    Second one i've had, same problem

    This problem doesn't seem to happen to the front one which works perfectly thus far Review by steve (Posted on 10/28/2011)

  8. Price

    Best Light Best light Ever! So small and bright. Lifetime warranty to boot! What more can you ask for?!?! Review by Tony (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  9. Price

    Not functioning I have this rear light with Flea Headlight for almost 6 months. I used this lights almost every weeks. Its a nice lights but after I stop and stocked it for almost two months it would not charge anymore. The Flea Headlight is still okay. I dont know what to do now, where can I send it for repair? Please help me. Review by Bojick 1722 (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  10. Price

    Not Reliable These things are very bright and visible at a great distance. However, they simply do not last. I've had two units replaced because they would no longer charge, each within a year of each other. Glad they have lifetime warranty. Review by CL (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  11. Price

    Not impressed... My first unit was replaced by the excellent customer service! It just would not charge. The replacement has the same problem. Seems the factory charge works just fine. I'll put the tail light on the charger and the charge indicator glows a steady green. As I wirte this it is blinking intermittently. You would think the tail light would have the same system as the Flea headlight. This does not seem to be the case, I've had no problem with my Flea headlight. Review by Steve (Posted on 9/9/2011)

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