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Dayblazer 1500

Dayblazer 1500

When we launched our Dayblazer line of lights a few years ago, some of the loudest feedback we heard encouraged us to make a light suitable for night mountain biking. We heard you loud and clear and were excited to announce the release of the Dayblazer 1500 .

Dayblazer 1500 Dayblazer 1500

The 1500 is a trail ready headlight that is just as at home helping you navigate city streets as it is railing singletrack deep in the woods.

Whether you mount it on your bars, or run it on your helmet (with the supplied Action Camera Mount), the sleek, compact 1500 was designed to focus light right where you need it. Weighing in at a scant 140 grams, it also features a unique TIR lens design, IP-67 submersibility and a runtime allowing it to exceed what has come to be expected from a pocket sized and self-contained, bar mounted light. We've built the 1500 with a low power mode that also allows you to run it at 400 lumens for up to 6 hours.

The Dayblazer 1500 is one of three new lights that include the Dayblazer 1000 and 550 that upgrade and replace the Dayblazer 1100, 800 and 400 headlights. All 3 lights (and their respective light sets) feature more light and improved runtimes at competitive price points.