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• Blackburn's most powerful rear flasher
• 1 Watt ultra-bright red LED
• 2 Amber side LEDs for side visibility
• 50hr steady, 150hr flashing runtimes
• No tool battery installation
• 2 AAA batteries included
• 3 mounting options included: belt clip, seatpost clamp and reflector/rear rack mount
• Part # 2011369
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Customer Reviews

  1. Quality

    Excellent tail light I have been using a Mars 4.0 rear light for the past 2+ years and have been very happy:
    - Battery life far exceeds my expectations
    - Construction is high-quality and rugged
    - Weather-proof
    - LEDs are very bright

    This light has endured many hundreds of miles on both my cyclocross and snow bikes, so more often than not is either wet or caked in mud or ice, and it's constantly being shaken around. The light eventually failed, but one quick email to customer support and a new light was shipped to me with no hassle at all.

    To sum up: great product and even better customer/product support. I'll never buy another brand. Review by Steve S. (Posted on 9/30/2012)

  2. Quality

    Excellent Product Bought this light several years ago. I only ride during the day and I wanted the brightest light possible. This Blackburn filled the bill. Three in my riding group liked mine so much, they too bought this Blackburn!

    Battery life is a little bit less than advertised. Very easy to mount.

    Blackburn stands behind their products. After several years’ use my light died. Returned it to Blackburn and they replaced it, no questions asked. Could not ask for better customer service.

    Review by Jeff (Posted on 8/6/2012)

  3. Price

    Good, but... Nice output, but... wish it had a few modes/patterns to really catch the eye of people catching up to you on the road. The width of the reflector could easily be 2-4x larger (even in the current housing) to give more visible light - intensity is fine, but two alternating LEDs would be even better.

    Not everyone wants the tiniest package - a larger surface area (like the old Vistalites) is easier for other people to see. Review by brad (Posted on 5/11/2012)

  4. Price

    We Like It I purchaced 18 Blackburn Mars 4.0 rear tail lights to use on a week long bicycle trip. One was D.O.A. but Amazon replaced it in 4 days. Everyone was very pleased with the lights. We received many compliments from passing motorists and other bikers.
    We ran the lights steady (blinking mode ) for 7 hours a day for 7 days. Replaced batteries on 5th day.
    I never ride without a mirror or my Blackburn Mars 4.0. Thinking of purchasing a front strobe light, too. Review by DickB (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  5. Price

    Good rear light Out of the packet and I was impressed by the feel of the light, solid. The choice of mounts is good too and I had no problem mounting it where I wanted it on the rack. The light itself is very bright, I have however one tiny fault with it, in my opinion the beam from the main LED is narrow, personally I would like it a little wider to put a larger pool of light on the road behind me but having said that this has been the only light that has had the desired effect of vehicles giving me a wider birth when passing. The mounts are solid and the light locks well in them. This is a very good light for the money. Review by FyPunkY (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  6. Price

    Love the Amber/Red combination This is a great light, in fact I need two more. Although I do not ride a bike as I'm in a Power Chair walking my hound into the night time hours. Drivers have told me they could not see me, but after adding five bright 1 watt red lights flashing on the back of my chair they now can see me. The one I have I broke off the clip ans it is the only light I have found that has Red and Amber flashing that does not fall apart.

    Great Light need two for the front of my chair now, although I do have two bright white head lights and amber flashing lights. Review by SFC (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  7. Price

    Good light but could be even better I like the very bright light which makes me feel safer, even on a bright sunny day. However, this light only has 2 settings - steady and flashing. I would prefer to have multiple flash settings. The flashing is too fast and if there were a setting that would have two flashes close together and a pause it would catch the eye better. Review by JimP (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  8. Price

    we want more actually, a very good rear light. I think the better you can find now on the market.

    BUT, that could be nice to have a more powerful main led witch move its beam to better pay attention of cars drivers.

    I got it for two years now. I never payed attention to side led... Review by bob (Posted on 10/31/2011)

  9. Price

    Amazing light When my fellows ask me what kind of light I recommend, this is my goto. I'm known in my area for my avid cycling habits and, um, extensive knowledge of goodies.

    This light is so bright, and so visible, that I literally forced my girlfriend to change out her light for this one. Only the best and all that jazz.

    I do however wish it was more waterproof. I live in Orlando, Fl and well, the rain can be fun. Torrential downpour on one street and still be sunny on the next. Or worse, both on the same street. ;-) So if it was more waterproof it would be perfect. However, I do say Blackburn is top notch in customer care. When mine drowned in a storm Blackburn replaced it free of charge the next day. Pretty awesome. Review by Danny J Page (Posted on 10/11/2011)

  10. Price

    durable, bright, water resistant I've owned this light for one year now and love it! I've had several biker's catch up to me and ask me "what brand and model" is that? I also ride in a weekly afterwork bike group and had some tell me to get behind them "your light is too bright" haha... The light is very durable and made well. It seals tight after installing the batteries and is water resistant! My pervious light was a Planet Bike and it shorted out in the rain. Not a problem for the Mars 4.0. The side LED markers are a nice touch when crossing dark intersections and the rear facing 1.0 watt LED is bright! Battery life is good. It 's easy to install and it is quick to uninstall after locking up your bike. You can easily unscrew the entire mount leaving nothing on your bike or just unclip the tail light. The only thing for me that would improve upon this already great light is a erratic stobe mode to attract even more attention. Review by Cooper (Posted on 10/5/2011)

  11. Price

    Very Nice Light! I've had this light going on 3 years now, and it has served me well. It is annoyingly bright. People don't want to ride behind me because it is too bright for them at close range. The battery life is awesome (in flash mode). I don't use it in steady mode. No complaints - great price point for such a nice bright light. Review by Jimmy B. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  12. Price

    sturdy, bright, good value super-bright (see a red shadow/glow when i look over my shoulder), and have used for many miles and many hours this season. I ride in the early morning hours a lot, and this light gives me a good bit of rear visibility. I clip it onto the back of seatbag which has a loop/tage for a light, and it holds well--hasn't fallen off during bumpy rides, or while the bike hangs upside down in the garage Review by steve (Posted on 9/15/2011)

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