Designed with Blackburn's founding principle in mind — the spirit of adventure — the Ranger Program tells the story of iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them, and the uncommon adventures they have along the way. The routes serve as the blank pages upon which the Blackburn ambassadors, nicknamed "Rangers," will craft their stories of adventure.

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El Camino de Santiago

  • Distance: Varies by Route
  • Ascent:Varies by Route

A Pilgrim's Route

El Camino de Santiago is made up of a number of pilgrimage routes that converge on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galacia in northwestern Spain. Although many walk these ancient routes, bikes are not uncommon. Certainly this can be a religious experience, but even if you aren’t devout, consider the journey a spiritual adventure and a way to connect with humanity via bucolic landscapes and rustic villages.

– 2017 Rangers –


  • Distance: 885 Kilometers
  • Ascent: ~16,000 M

Explore Rugged, Remote Terrain with Stunning Views

This stunning trail traverses a remote Scottish wilderness that can lull one into a sense of calming awe, and at the very next moment the skies can darken dramatically, wielding ferocious winds and bone chilling rain. Riders have to be ready for anything, with over 550 miles of mixed terrain and a total of at least 16,000m of climbing, this trail requires some fortitude and gumption to complete. The fastest riders have taken as little as four days, but we think the route is worthy of a much more leisurely pace … your body will thank you.

– 2017 Rangers –

Alpine Bike

  • Distance: 665 Kilometers
  • Ascent: ~21,000 M

Cutting Through the Heart of Switzerland

There is possibly no better way to experience the drama of the Alps than this spectacular mountain bike route. This impeccably signed and maintained route traverses old Roman trails, forest roads, twisting singletrack and Alpine meadows that pass by charming chateaus, gurgling streams and pristine lakes. Although the 665 kilometer trail is seldom flat, with over 21,000 meters of climbing, the physical challenges are absolutely worth the reward of this mystical place.

– 2017 Rangers –

Adventure TransGermany

  • Distance: 1,000 Kilometers
  • Ascent: ~20,000 M

Lederhosen Optional

What do you imagine when you think about cycling through Germany? Maybe Bavarian Alps, quaint beer gardens, sausage and lederhosen? This route promises a whole different side of Germany. From the rough Baltic sea, through dense forests, over broad rivers and across the peaceful orchards around the Lake Constance, you will see, feel, smell and experience all of what Germany has to offer. And remember, this 1,000 kilometer route would not have been possible a generation ago!

– 2017 Rangers –

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Great Divide

  • Distance: 2,752 Miles
  • Ascent: ~200,000 Ft

The Longest Off-pavement Route in the World

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is more than 2,500 miles of continuous remote trails and dirt roads, stretching from a small town in Alberta, Canada, all the way to the border of Mexico.

– 2016 Rangers –

Pacific Coast

  • Distance: 1,743 Miles
  • Ascent: ~83,378 Ft

Big Trees, Big Waves, Beautiful Beaches

The Pacific Coast Bicycle Route stretches from Vancouver, British Columbia, to the California/ Mexico border, and attracts cycling tourists from around the world.

– 2016 Rangers –


  • Distance: 4,228 Miles
  • Ascent: ~212,000 Ft

The Classic Route to Cross America by Bicycle

Taking around three months (give or take) for the crossing, the TransAmerica Trail stretches from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, situated on the Chesapeake Bay.

– 2016 Rangers –

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Pacific Coast Bicycle Route, and TransAmerica Bicycle Trail were created and are maintained by the Adventure Cycling Association. Blackburn is proud to support this national nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to travel by bicycle.