Dayblazer 400 Front/65 Rear Light Combo


A 400-lumen headlight and 65-lumen tail light for this price too good to be true? No way. This light set packs as much punch for the money as any light set out there.

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Has your back—and front—day or night.

Featuring eye-popping BLITZ daytime running mode to grab the attention of cars, IP-67 submersability and ample side visibility, the DAYBLAZER 400 puts light where riders need it most. Combined with 65 lumens on the rear DAYBLAZER 65 is focused on safety, so you can focus on your ride.

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Product Weight 107 grams (front 59g, rear 48g)
ANSI Standard This standard was created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide consistent performance measurements for handheld lights.
Brightness Up to 400 lumens front, 65 lumens rear
Run Time
  • Blitz mode (front): 1 hour at 400 lumens
    Low mode (front): 1.5 hours at 200 lumens
    Pulse mode (front): 6 hours at 200 lumens
    Strobe mode (front): 10 hours at 200 lumens
    Solid mode (rear): 1 hour at 50 lumens
    High flash/Strobe mode (rear): 3 hours at 65 lumens
    Low flash/Strobe mode (rear): 6 hours at 35 lumens
Warranty 2-Year Warranty Provision for Battery Or Electrically Powered Products, Product Components, and Accessories for Such Products