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Mammoth CO2’Fer Mini-Pump


A fully functional mini pump and CO2 inflator.

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Mini-Pump and CO2 in One

This cleverly designed and fully functional mini pump functions as a standard mini pump AND allows a CO2 cartridge to stow away inside and can be quickly rearranged as a CO2 inflator. The head convieniently morphs into a thread-on CO2 inflator.

SKU: 7068190


Weight 10.88 oz
Warranty Subject to a limited lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, physical damage resulting from abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper fit, improper installation, improper care, accidents, failure to follow directions, alterations, misuse or use unintended by the manufacturer. Nor does it cover minor cosmetic damages due to normal "wear and tear" of the product.