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  • Trainer Stability

    Trainer Stability
    An often unaddressed issue with trainers is that of trainer stability. This is a function of how low the trainer can place the bike relative to the ground, and how wide a footprint it presents once it’s placed there. Blackburn Tech models have been found to be nearly 10% more stable than the competition.
  • Fast Crank

    Fast Crank
    The FastCrank mounting system speeds bike mounting to our Tech series of trainers.


  • Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance
  • Wide range resistance curve with 6 settings and a bar-mounted remote
  • Tubular steel frame with adjustable height — no track block required
  • FastCrank mounting system
  • Class-leading frame stiffness and unsurpassed stability
  • Tapered cones fit most cavity-style dropouts
Part # 2016646


Customer Reviews

  1. Price

    Great Value, Quality Product, Totally Satisfied! Not having any experience with trainers, I was really concerned about which trainer to purchase. I purchased the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 based on 14 reviews that I had read from Amazon. I also was able to find a few reviews on Utube. The Mag 6 is in my opinion a great trainer! The construction of the Unit is durable. With the ability to control the amount of resistance with the 6 level wired remote is a plus. It was simple to assemble, quite easy to mount my bike, arrived with an extra skewer so you won't damage your own. After a 45 minute workout on the Mag 6, I was quite pleased with its performance. I never felt as though I was going fall over while pedaling, and there was no bouncing around, even while standing up and pedaling a hard as possible. The remote 6 level adjuster functioned smoothly in both directions. While other reviews I read claimed the Mag 6 was noisy, I felt the noise level was minimal. I feel that the designers put good effort into designing a trainer that is functional, and of a quality build. With the Liftime Warranty, price, and solid construction!..I'm a happy customer! Review by The Strait Scoup (Posted on 12/26/2011)

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