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• Compact case with 3 high-powered white LEDs
• No tools universal clamp works with any handlebar
• 17 Lumen output
• Steady and flash mode
• 68hr steady, 156hr flash runtimes
• 4 AAA batteries included
• Part # 2011313
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Customer Reviews

  1. Price

    Great product & company! I am amazed at the quality and easy setup for this light kit. The only thing that impresses me more is the customer service. The 3-way switch stopped working on mine after 16 months. The young lady on the phone, Jan, set it up so I had a brand new light in 7 days! To top it off I didn't even have to send the old light in and didn't have to change the mount already on my handlebars. Bravo Blackburn!!! Review by Stephen (Posted on 4/6/2012)

  2. Price

    Bright light, but broke quick. Light was bright, I don't think you would need anything brighter in the city.
    This thing was overpriced. Thankfully I had a gift card and it was the only option at Dick's. Well it's a pain to take on and off because the sliding part underneath is too tight, it feels like it's on and it's really not and then the light falls out and breaks. Hopefully they will replace it, because Dick"s won't. The light won't turn on anymore. Review by PDXrider (Posted on 2/22/2012)

  3. Price

    Pretty nice light Nice light, and durable. However, for the price, it should be waterproofed. Review by Trbo1238 (Posted on 2/20/2012)

  4. Price

    Just Okay I ride home from work every night and many of the streets I ride are brick so needless to say its very bumpy. This light will not say put on my bars. It slides all over the place, I even have it on the tightest setting. Make sure you have it clamped in nice and tight as well because any given bump will end that thing sailing. Review by HWood240 (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  5. Price

    Does just fine This light is everything promised, but for this price tag I'd like to be able to permanently attach it to the bike. No worries though, it's flashing along just fine for a commuter in Chicago. Review by R. Vance B (Posted on 11/17/2011)

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